Cami Schiel

Health Law

"BYU Law has opened my eyes to current world issues and taught me how to intelligently explore both sides of an argument."

Meet Cami

Prior to law school, Cami worked as a nurse. BYU Law's health law and policy classes, as well as experiences with the Intermountain Healthcare patient relations department, gave Cami the opportunity to apply valuable skills and expertise to her passion for healthcare. Cami says that BYU Law helped her "catch the vision of the potential the law has to bring people together.
I want to bring that into my law practice."

Finding Her Passion

"Since I often work with the geriatric population as a nurse, I see how disempowered they sometimes feel. While taking an Elder Law class at BYU Law, I helped an elderly woman execute her will for free. I learned that a law degree cultivates the skills required to help this population and I feel so empowered to turn around and empower them—it's awesome!"

Multi-Disciplinary Application

“I interned with an Intermountain Healthcare Patient Relations department and watched nurses and doctors discuss dispute resolution. I sat in on claims negotiations, pre-litigation panels, the Serious Event Review Panel, and did chart review for upcoming cases. I was impressed with the efforts made to thoroughly investigate cases and compensate patients when appropriate.”

Influential Figures

“Professor Matis brought health law and policy to life. We delved into antitrust law, fraud and abuse, Medicare, patient safety, and bioethics—all general concepts I understood vaguely but now am much more comfortable discussing. The five minutes of current events at the beginning of class made the timely Obamacare 'repeal and replace' debate much more enthralling.”

Internship Experience

"I was accepted for a summer internship at the Utah Attorney General's Office that I found on BYU Law's LINX page. This was the best writing experience I've had in law school—I got to write varied memoranda on real issues and receive useful feedback on my writing from multiple attorneys. I feel like a real lawyer!" Cami says that BYU Law prepared her for this experience and allowed her to craft more meaningful responses to client questions.

Finding a Balance

Cami discusses how she balances nursing, law, and business.

Inspiring Leadership

“One of my most inspiring moments in law school was interacting with religious freedom leaders at the International Law and Religion Symposium. Observing all these world leaders with different religious backgrounds working together helped me catch the vision that the law has the potential to bring people together. I want to bring that into my practice of the law.”

My History
Before BYU Law

BS in Nursing, BYU
Provo Rehabilitation & Nursing
Utah State Hospital

Summer Work

DGE Advocates in Geneva, Switzerland
Intermountain Healthcare
Utah Attorney General

BYU Law in Three Words


Beyond the Books


After BYU Law

Nelson Galbraith Family Public Interest Fellowship, Rocky Mountain Innocence Center

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