Michael Bailey

“In the practice of law, sometimes you get really thorny problems and it’s incredibly rewarding when you just have to find a way to solve them. Law also allows you to have an impact through your ability to make things better for other people.”

Meet Michael '86

Through his 32 years as a practicing attorney at Parsons, Behle, & Latimer in Salt Lake City, Michael Bailey has enjoyed the camaraderie and support from his partners. “My partners always have my back and that’s critical because it’s a fantastic experience working at a law firm, being supported by other lawyers, and working in a team.” Michael is a shareholder in the litigation and government relations department. He concentrates his practice on commercial and environmental litigation as well as government relations, lobbying, and political law.

Matters of Faith

Michael discusses his experience attending BYU Law as a member of another faith.

Value of a Law Degree

“I am proud to have served on the board at my law firm, served on numerous community boards including Ballet West, and been a counselor and lawyer for a U.S. congressman for 12 years. All these things were possible because of my law degree. I love making a difference!”

Role of a Lawyer

“My friend Mark Morris, who was with me at BYU Law, said it best: ‘We’re nothing more than teachers. We just teach to a different audience.’ I believe that accurately describes what we do as lawyers. So when we’re in a courtroom, or in any other capacity as a lawyer, what we’re really trying to do is teach. A law degree has trained us how to separate what needs to be talked about from what doesn’t, and to teach the important points.”

Outside the Law

“I love the game of golf and I’m most proud of being the first Utahn on the United States Golf Association Executive Committee board.”

My History
Before BYU Law

Santa Clara University, BS

Beyond the Books



Serving on Community Boards

After BYU Law

Adjunct Professor of Election Law & Politics, BYU Law

United States Golf Association Executive Committee

Parsons Behle & Latimer Attorney at Law, Co-Chair of the Government Relations & Lobbying Department

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